5 Reasons You Should Never Use a “Free” Website Service

No free website zone

I constantly see people creating their websites with free hosting providers and I cringe every time.



Now you know I love freebies – and I even post about them, which you can get for free! (Sign up on the right) However, there are some places you should not scrimp and one is your blog and website.


1. You don’t own it

When you use a free service, they own your site instead of you. They dictate what you can and can’t do on that site and may prevent you from doing things such as selling and including payment buttons. You’ll also be limited on how much customisation you can do to the site.

2. Subject to their changes

They may suddenly require payment or remove options and reserve them for premium customers. Then you’re faced with sticking with those limitations or the hassle of moving your site.

3. Could disappear or be unreliable

Businesses cease operating all the time. What happens if, one day, you wake up and your site has disappeared? Also, free services usually have no guarantee and if their servers are down there will be nothing you can do about it – this could make you lose potential clients when they go looking for you.

4. Looks unprofessional

Most free services will display their own ads and/or links and you have no control over them. It is obvious you are using a free service and it reflects poorly on you –

the same goes if your business email address is yahoo, msn, aol, gmail, etc.

5. If you won’t invest in your business, why should other people?

Let’s get real here: are you serious about your business? Then treat it like a business! Invest in yourself and get something professional – and hire a designer/developer.

I now have clients and an income from my business because I made that commitment to myself to help others and continue to work with them. I don’t leave them after delivering a website/blog. Not investing in your website for your business is COSTING you money!

I went off on a bit of a tangent there but I’m passionate about the value of coaching.

Your next steps:

Purchase hosting from a reliable provider, I don’t mind it’s from me or someone else, then create business email addresses for you such as:

info@yourwebsite.comyourname@yourwebsite.com and support@yourwebsite.com

I use WordPress CMS based sites, they are highly customisable, you are the owner and you have the freedom to do anything you want with the site. In the past two years, my sites have not (to my knowledge) been down at all and the only ads you’ll see are ones you have chosen or created to display.

To get your website done fast and for £300 for a five page site with a blog page, contact form, social media buttons and clean design, visit my Web Design page for more info and contact me!