Kelvin Brown

Kelvin J Brown – Technical Director

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“I constantly give myself a reason for doing what I do. It can be fun to take each day as it comes and live off the cuff, and if this works for you then I certainly wouldn’t tell you to change it. But planning ahead and working towards a set goal can ensure that each day is a productive one for me on a business and personal level.”





Kelvin J Brown MCIW – Technical Director – OneDigitalMediaUK

Companies House registration number 09414370


The Journey

I enjoyed an amazing 11 years in the public sector delivering custom developed global intranets and websites and Digital Applications for two Government Agencies. This Included training to use the applications for all the content owners to publish material using a Content Management System (CMS) without requiring any knowledge of coding. This has given me a depth of understanding of many of my customers challenges. Prior to that, I spent 8 years in the private sector in customer service management, online sales and marketing in the automotive and retail industry.

One Digital Media is a Digital design, web design and graphic design company offering internet business solutions and marketing solutions to help its clients create or improve their home or company business online. With a modern, clean and responsive website presence, social media setup, business email creation, online business automation, modern web applications, marketing training and branding designs (logos, icons banners etc) we can help to double, triple your customer base in a cost effective way.

“My experience of dealing with all types of business owners tells us there is a lot of confusion about how to increase their business using the internet,” says Kelvin. My other business is Online Network Marketing that earns me another monthly recurring income.

In fact for many it is even a little scary – what products should you buy? How do you use them? Do you have time to use them? What Strategies do I use…

Well our full package is aimed at giving you several choices and advantages with products that give you what you need to catapult your business, but we will also give you the training to show you how to use it.

In fact we use our exponential growth formula to show you they all fit together to grow your business, visitors or both. If you have something to share, promote or sell, contact us.