Act as if all you get is NOW

A good friend of mine sat with me over a beer some 2 years ago. the setting was great, we’d just moored up on the side of the canal on his narrowboat to have lunch, hot sunny day and not a care in the world.

We talked about what we had both been through and how well we came out the other side. Being dragged through a holly bush backwards doesn’t even start to describe what he’d been through, but I remember those words he said to me while I was deciding on some life changes too

Act as if all you get is NOW

If you think you have tomorrow, you’re avoiding the NOW. Even though you’ll probably have many more days left on your journey.

Act as if all you get is now. Play like it’s your last game. Practice with adoration and love in your every step. Work with others in a harmonious way. 

Talk to others with kindness. Now may be your last chance to make a lasting positive impression.


If you hold both solid beliefs and are open to new ideas, you are accepting other people and other ways of thinking and believing. You are also flexible enough to listen to something new and different and outside of your comfort zone.

If it works for you, you’ll take it in, and if not you’ll let it go.

Here’s one of my favorite proverbs. It’s worthy of posting where you’ll see it often:

“Vision without action is daydream.
Action without vision is nightmare.”

Vision is key but a good plan is essential it makes your vision more executable, its your practical side along with you aspirations that will drive you to success.

Your mind and body will make adjustments to achieve an objective – or they won’t and you’ll fail. Most fail because there’s more of a mind-body disconnect than a mind-body connect. Don’t put off the decision to attend “The Flow”.  Start right now on this nasty habit. Do now what you’ve been putting off til tomorrow.

Don’t ever think you cannot do something just because you haven’t done it before. If you made all your decisions that way, you’d never learn to walk, talk, eat, ride a bicycle, paint, draw, sing, dance or watch t.v.

It’s perfectly natural to go after things in life that are totally new to you. New experiences, new friends, new activities, new places, new jobs, new, new, new. New is fresh. New is enlivening and invigorating. Nothing great about the ‘same-old same-old.’ Life is meant to be lived fully in the NEW NOW. Not the old now. The NEW. Keep this in mind today as you take in a new breath in each available NOW.

When it comes to the art of living, you are guaranteed nothing. There is no guarantee you’ll live to see another day. There is no guarantee you’ll be granted another five more minutes of anything. We make goals and plans as if we have guarantees, and that’s important, yet, at the same time this can lead to ingratitude and a feeling of scorn toward the precious moments we are living NOW.

Kelvin x