Business Card Design

Stand out with your own designed Business Cards

Design works wonders.

I’ve teamed up with to offer you 15% (*limited offer*) discount on your first order of any amount of business cards.

Check styles, shapes and sizes.

Check out their website to look at the various different styles, shapes and sizes. Mini cards, deluxe cards, square or round corners etc.

How I can help you!

I can help with the design of your bespoke card templates to upload to Moo’s website. Just give me a call or message me on live chat and off we go. I can design your logo or use your current one and I’ll design the card template around that for a one off cost of £45 and you keep the templates

Here is a new design for my own mini cards for OneDigitalMedia.UK

I find these mini cards fit nicely into wallets, purses and bags and are less obtrusive and are less likely to be throw away. All sizes and shapes can be found at

Signature of Kelvin Joe Brown




One Digital Media mini business card

Front of the card

One digital Media business card design

Back of the card

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