Blog or Website?

blog or website?

A lot of people get confused about the difference between a blog and a website.

While there are many similarities between the two, there are some major differences.


Before going into them I want you to know something. Making money online is not necessarily easier with one or the other.

Whether you choose a blog or a website, you still have to learn how to generate targeted traffic or you won’t make anything… honestly!

The reason I say this is because blogs are typically easier and cheaper to setup than websites. And because of this, people often run to create a blog and then later find out it’s not always the best approach for their needs.

So make sure you read this page so you choose the option that’s best for you.

What’s a Blog?

A blog is a series of content (called “posts”) that are usually organized by date with the most recent post showing first. Many blogs also have the posts organized by category for convenient browsing.

They have comment forms at the end of every post that allow the readers to give the author feedback and interact with other readers.

Blogs (taken from the phrase “web logs”) were originally created for personal journaling. Now people use them in place of a website, or in some cases, they own both.

When to Blog

Blogs are best when you have a topic that compels you to write fresh information on a consistent basis. That’s why a lot of news-oriented websites are moving toward blogs.

People who read blogs often use a functionality called RSS, which allows them to subscribe to your blog’s content with an RSS reader.

When they open up their reader, they can see the latest headlines from your blog at a quick glance. That’s why it’s important you choose a topic where you can provide fresh content on a regular basis. Otherwise, people may stop reading your blog if they see you aren’t writing enough new content.

Creating a Blog

In order to create a blog you need to choose a platform. The two most common blog platforms are WordPress and Blogger.

Both platforms are free and provide user-friendly editors for you to publish your content. No programming or additional software is needed

However, you are restricted to further develop or add additional functionality to this FREE platform and you are always open to all advertising agencies advertising on you blog, you cannot prevent this unless you pay a monthly fee.

So, there are some things you have to accept if you go with a free platform.


If you do decide to go with a blog, I’d highly recommend that you register your own domain name and have a self-hosted blog instead of using the free blog hosting platform.

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You want the address of your website or blog to be unique – something like instead of or

You Can Use WordPress for Static Sites

One thing I should point out is you can actually use WordPress to create a static/traditional website. It just requires some manipulation and understanding of the tool. I can help you with this because I use wordpress as the CMS (Content Management System) that requires no web coding knowledge to update, create pages and new blogs at will for all my customers.

I provide the design – look and feel and functionality with my own templates and themes that have proved to be unique, modern and responsive on all devices – including iOS, windows and Android devices.

What’s a Website?

Just like a blog, a website is a collection of content called web pages. Unlike a blog, the pages are not usually organised by date.

With websites, you have a more control of your site’s layout because it’s easier to work directly with the code.

Now, of course, if you take the time to learn CSS, HTML, PHP, etc. you can change the layout of a blog as well. However, it’s not quite as straightforward since blogs are made up of several different files and the coding is a bit more complex.

With a website, you can manage your entire design in a software program so editing the overall layout and design is a little easier than managing the layout of a blog.

Another difference between websites and blogs is how content is published. With blogs, the publishing functionality is built into the blogging platform so you do not need any additional tools to publish your site online.

I use Dreamweaver, html5, html, CSS, Java and php

Don’t let the process and acronyms scare you. It’s really not that difficult for qualified professionals (like me) to develop a combined, all in one website and blog for your startup business or interest.

“Should I Start With a Blog or a Website?”

There’s no right or wrong answer to this. Which one you start with depends on you. Due to the way people read blogs, it’s best to create a blog if you have a lot of “newsy” and fresh information to write about on a topic, and you should be able to produce new content on a consistent basis.

Websites tend to have more evergreen information and there isn’t as much pressure to keep writing new content all the time. However, it is now very important to refresh your information (content) every day, this is something search engines, such as Google, rank your site if you want to get noticed and appear in search results.

Owning a Blog and a Website

While I don’t recommend just starting off with website, think about both. You may start with a blog and then add a website at a later time.

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