Learn when to say NO

Say no

saying “No” without feeling guilty If you face an unrealistic workload or some other persistent problem in your workspace, discuss your situation with your employer. Whenever possible, offer solutions that meet both your needs and those of your business or employer. Reassure to your priorities (work, family or loved ones) of your commitment to your work and explain what you

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How to deal with burnout

Personal Burnout

We can all endure some of the things that life throws at us, the pressures of work, family, friends and especially relationships. We are also all very different in the way we cope with these pressures, our upbringing can condition us to either not deal with pressures and fears, or deal with them in a positive way, turning the evil

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Launch of BlueFox HR

Blue Fox HR - Steve Lewitt and Nigel Deller

OneDigitalMedia is so pleased to launch the website and social media presence of BlueFox HR      At One Digital Media, I have launched the site, used auto posting software to fire out to all social media platforms in a one button push publishing method – Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vimeo (video) Instagram, YouTube and more. Email services specifically for BlueFoxHR is operational

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