Branding And Marketing Differentiation

Tell A Remarkable Story About Your Business

Regardless of your business or industry, you need to set yourself apart from the competition if you want to survive in today’s marketplace. You need to be remarkable. With so many options available to buyers, similar is boring and boring is invisible. Standing out from the crowd is essential.

That’s where branding and marketing differentiation comes in. Branding and marketing differentiation is about creating a truly remarkable business that makes your targeted buyers take notice and tell everyone they know.

Human beings are hardwired to remember, relate to and share stories. This was as true for cavemen huddled around prehistoric fires as it is today for your prospects gathered around the glow of a computer screen. Metrics, analytics and statistics are powerful tools but only if they support and illustrate the overall story you want to tell about your business.

Simply put, this means conducting business in such a way that people start talking about your company. The more amazing or outrageous the stories, the more likely people are to share them. More importantly, a truly remarkable story inspires action, making the audience want to find out for themselves. That means more buyers knocking on your door to inquire about your special products or services.

Still not convinced that being remarkable is critical to the success of your business? Take a look at recent changes in buyer behavior. People are starting the purchasing process earlier than ever before, searching for informative articles, reading online reviews and asking their social media networks for advice long before they ever pick up a phone or walk into a store.

Buyer selections are increasingly driven by remarkable stories of companies who do things so well that their customers tell their stories for them. Why? Because buyers trust their friends, family members, colleagues, even complete strangers more than they trust advertisements and salespeople.

That’s why, when it comes to branding and marketing differentiation for your business, being remarkable is everything. Being remarkable generates great stories. It creates the kind of rational and emotional connections that engage and hold the attention of your prospects. When you take the time to build a remarkable business, people talk about it in online reviews, via email, on social media, in blogs and in person. When you tell a remarkable story, your clients or customers start spreading the word about your company FOR you. This is important. Instead of YOU having to advertise your business, people are now talking about you and encouraging others to do the same.

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