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Working for yourself – keeping healthy and fit for business

keeping healthy and fit for business

As a business owner I focus on the nuts and bolts of running a business but, as a Dad, partner and a person of a certain age (hum-hum), I also look at the health of the business owner. A lot of business operators will ensure the health of their business, but fail to look after their own well-being. This does not

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Are you your own boss?

Make things hapen

Sounds great doesn’t it? May be glamourous, having your own business and being your own boss! DO YOU have the drive and ambition to do it? Or, is it a procrastinating idea in corner of your mind and your subconscious is saying….’one day’ eh! Losing or leaving your job could be just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Rather than getting

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The Magnetic Blogging Formula

Magnetic Blogging Formula

Yes, yes I know there’s thousands of posts out there that tell you how to write a blog. To be perfectly honest it’s really easy to write one, but it’s how your personality stands out, it’s about your knowledge of what you write about and who you’re aiming your blog at. Is it for pleasure, business or finding a solution

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Three Tips for Growing an Online Presence for Your Business

Three tips for growing your online presence

Many small businesses believe that all that is required to get their business online is to set up a functioning website. While this is an important step toward getting your business online, it is by no means sufficient. To truly get your business online in this day and age, you need a comprehensive online presence.   Be on a smartphone

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