Can Flatpack Websites be Highly Customisable Websites?

Flatpack, a word not readily used for a highly customisable business website!

Ingvar Kamprad - Ikea founder

Since the announcement of the of the death of the Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad, we have been thinking long and hard about the whole website industry. We listed a few of the must-haves a business website should be able to do seamlessly and effortlessly. This does not stop at small to medium businesses, in our experience it’s the core for larger businesses too.



So here are a few of our ‘whiteboard’ scribbles a website should do for its business  

  1. Get info and products out quickly (responding to demand)
  2. One publish, and content hits all major social media site automatically (efficiencies)
  3. Quick removal of content
  4. Easily add animated and video content (no coding required)
  5. Arrange the top mega navigation to how you want it (no coding required)
  6. Mobile ready – no need for a second mobile website (cost saving)

These are just a few of the top-level features our customers need now.

What do we mean by a Flatpack website?

For people owning a business, getting a new website up and running fast with the above features and more can be challenging. A ‘Flatpack’ website is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of the people from the business sector. For example, Ikea offer flat pack furniture. You take it home and assemble it and it may offer many features you need.

What have we done?

We want to do the same……NO, not for you assemble it yourself like those freebie websites like Wix, Yola and Simplesite. They are good but not feature rich and are limited to a small performance level, not good for your customers.

We are creating some perfect theme designs for any kind of business owner. It has a variety of template design giving you a good number of options to choose for your website layout. The best part of these themes is the Custom types. You can choose the theme according to your requirement  and business needs such as team, partners, services and testimonials. with this we can have a website up and running in days or weeks, not months. We do the set up, development and apply the theme….job done. Of course, this is subject to you having all the content ready.

Efficiencies and speed

Using our Flatpack way of getting a website up and live quickly enables us to display your best work on the website. It has a great option of uploading multiple images to one page or post item. We can create divisions and place your work according to your industry. We can  offer a number of different layouts in the form 1, 2 or 3. All this and more without having to code or bespoke code your site, it’s already there and we have thought of everything to get you started quickly.

You have control

You have ultimate control to select the menu items that show up in your website. It can be easily converted into an e-commerce site. It has an option to install the very popular e-Commerce” plugins. This plugin has varies options such as Payment Gateways, ability to create and sell different kind of products, Shipping and tax option to easily convert your website into an e-commerce store. This makes the Flatpack way a great option for all people owning various kind of business.

So….get your content ready and get a quote today and we’ll get you up and running in no time! Or contact us for a friendly chat

So, no more of this!flatpack nightmare And more of this! Desktop & mobile readyiPhone in hand