Go with your gut feeling?

We all have gut feelings but do we act on it?

It’s tempting to think that to make good decisions you need time to systematically weigh up all the pros and cons of various alternatives, but is a snap judgement or instinctive choice just as good, if not better?

In our everyday lives, we make fast and competent decisions about who we trust and interact with. We make judgements about a person’s trustworthiness, competence, aggressiveness, likeability and attractiveness within the first 100 milliseconds of seeing a new face. Given longer we may fine tune that feeling of the person but we have already gained more confident in that snap decision.

Of course, as you get to know someone better you refine your first impressions. It stands to reason that extra information can help you make well-informed, rational decisions.

Don’t tell me what to do!

There is an enormous amount of blurb and literature out there advising or even telling us how to live our lives eg how we should think, eat, exercise, and work. Books and blogs telling us this is the right way and this is the wrong way. I too have read and discussed about such material and that’s fine to me because I’ve chosen to do so and have made some complex life changes through gut feelings and through longer though.

In my own experience, when I have relied on my gut feeling, I have ended up happier. I found that with more complex decisions, I’ve use my gut feeling to decide what to do successfully. However, a word of caution, if the choice you face is more emotive, your instincts may not serve you well.

Factors that motivate and drive our major life choices and, most importantly, the path we follow through life and the habits we form based on that path are truly connected with who we really are as individuals.


There are individuals that feel they are not living the life that’s true to their heart… and, as a result, they decide to do something about it!

There are individuals that think – why must happiness always come from change, learning new things and activities, is that not another media misconception? What of introverted happiness?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t follow your dreams but I am saying not everyone gets the chance. It is impossible for everyone to live their dreams all the time…I can almost guarantee that no one spends their life dreaming about stacking shelves in a supermarket store. But someone has to do it and those are the sacrifices we make.

Life, as the old saying goes, is not a dress rehearsal. You only get one shot, and it’s worth making the most of it. That means different things to different people so…

1. What would you prioritise?
2. Is it easier said than done?
3. What will it take to get you started?

Kelvin x