The Magnetic Blogging Formula

Magnetic Blogging Formula

Yes, yes I know there’s thousands of posts out there that tell you how to write a blog. To be perfectly honest it’s really easy to write one, but it’s how your personality stands out, it’s about your knowledge of what you write about and who you’re aiming your blog at.

Is it for pleasure, business or finding a solution to a problem in your subject field? This is the difficulty and getting it right is the challenge. Blogging should be an important part of your daily routine if you want to reach your client list or general audience on your otherwise static website.


Think of it this way, if you buy or pick up a book, magazine or newspaper to read, you are interested in either the story, the writer or subject. Each page you turn is like getting to know the person or story. You either like the subject and/or the writer and possibly form a virtual bond, a trust and that’s the same connection you need when someone reads your blog. Each blog post is a step closer for your audience to get to know and trust you. It’s good for business, it’s good for retention and it’s great for your readers when you get it right.


What do I write about?

Here are some tips:

  • Write about something you love
  • Find your own individual voice
  • Tell a story
  • Post every day if possible
  • Don’t just blog: use other social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube

During the week I think about writing posts for blog and social media that include the following.

  • Posts of random questions
  • Posts of inspiration
  • Posts of great resources


Check out what topics people are searching and talking about using Yahoo answers and Quora and other social media sites. This might be tedious but if real people are taking the time to ask the questions, take the time to answer them.



Just because your competitors write boring blogs, doesn’t mean you have to. Have a clear headline, the right headline can improve your click through rate. If people don’t know what they’re reading, they will leave. Incorporate words people might search in google.

If you have problems finding outstanding headline grabbers, check the site – Magnetic Headline Formulas.


Retrack your Post

When you have written your magnificent blog post, read the post out loud for continuity and flow issues. Weed out flat words and boring adjectives.

Expand on your content. I routinely update my posts when new information becomes available.


Last Thought

It’s about the time and effort spent putting your energy into your posts and the impact it has for your customers and business. It should be part of your overall marketing campaign and not a separate entity. Use it to build your reputation as a leader in your field.

KelvinTechnical Director – OneDigitalMediaUK

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