I hate Pop-Up ads!!!

I hate pop-up ads

Okay, this is me going on a rant.


I was on a website yesterday and my experience with it, as a webdeveloper and online marketer, compelled me to put my iching fingers to the keyboard and write….



I will not buy anything I see in a pop-up adverts. They are the most annoying form of advertising ever devised. It takes a hell of a lot to annoy me, I’m usually a very calm and collective individual (so I’ve been told) and shocked myself with anger when I was faced with the most stupid pop-up asking me for MY BUSINESS before I could go any further on the site. No close button, no x to close it, nothing, nothing at all. This is the issue I’m pointing out here, the inability to close or find the close icon!

I am now thinking if to name this popular discounted online store or not……yep, I will


Groupon is a good online store for items don’t get me wrong but when you add your county, or groupon geotags your IP address and find it for you, you then experience this pop-up. Give it a try and let me know what happens to you!

I know the big problem with the internet is that many online marketers think they’ve figured out how to make a substantial profit out of it. That certainly is but not the only problem. Banner ads are only slightly effective. Newspapers and other sites have found it’s difficult to charge people for their services when other outlets will provide it for free. Why go to reputable newspapers when there are people like me in their pajamas banging out blogs?

But I can’t imagine anybody… ever… in any corner of the universe… buying something they see from a pop-up advert. Or am I being naive?

It’s as if you’re watching a concert and suddenly from out of nowhere someone gets right up into your face and screams “HEY, WANNA BUY LIFE INSURANCE?!!” What are the chances you’ll say “Sure, thanks”. I specifically want to go to my next concert just hoping someone would sell me long term life insurance or something else.

Wouldn’t it be more likely you’d knee them in the groin and threaten to kill them and their family if they ever again came within one mile of you? (only joking but you know what I mean hopefully)

That’s the common reaction when people are assaulted by pop-up ads and can’t close them. First off, they resent the product. Like me, they’ll probably boycott it. It doesn’t take Richard Branson to figure out that boycotting is not a good end result to an advertising campaign.

Of course the idiot advertisers who think otherwise are devising new ways to skirt pop-up blocking programs and making their CLOSE tabs so small no one can find them without a microscope so strong it can differentiate atoms.

As for your website that allow these obnoxious pop-ups adverts that can’t be closed, I understand that you need revenue, but you run the risk of pissing off your readers and losing your audience. And once you have no traffic your sponsors will go away too. So it’s a lose/lose/lose/lose/lose situation.


I feel better now. Thanks.

Owning up!

I have a sign-up pop-up for my free newsletter on my site, it’s not an advert and you can clearly see the x to close it and you won’t see it again during that session and for a further 24hrs. I also have Live Chat, a less intrusive application that most reputable (in my own humble opinion) larger company and government websites now utilise.

What’s your take on pop-up ads? What’s your experience been with pop-up ads?

KelvinTechnical Director – OneDigitalMediaUK

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