Is your web design up to scratch?

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Many marketers believe that it doesn’t matter how bad your website looks as long as it is out there. In fact, some internet marketers even state in seminars that you can easily create a professional site yourself and begin to make money right away.


If you understand web design at a high level then this is true but in most cases, badly designed websites reek of unprofessionalism and lack of care.

If you cannot lay out your website in a clean, efficient and well – structured way – what message does this give to potential clients about how amazing your products are?


They will class it with the same level of effort that you have put into the presentation of the product and therefore the design is key to the sale. The best course of action is to leave your web design to the hands of the experts so that you do not look like a con-artist. Plus, you will not be the only competitor in your field and so browsers will choose the most legitimate looking site with the most creative approach to selling and you will be left behind.

It is important that your web design is professional. If your website leaves the slightest impression that you are untrustworthy then you have just lost your potential sales. You should see to it that your website has high quality content.

Your content should give out as much information on your business; listing in a precise way the benefits of buying from you. No one trusts an amateur so get your facts rights and also ensure that the spelling and grammar is perfect.

Many people have navigated away from a sight after seeing that the content lacks proper English. They believe that it may be a foreign hoax and prefer you to display that you have taken time and care to present this information to them.

You should also avoid filling up your site with images, flash animation and other elements that have no relevance to your business. They may look and feel right at the time but it has been proven that over-animation can lead to loss of sales. It is distracting and takes the attention away from the point of sale. This can irritate your potential buyers and if it takes too long to load, they will just go to a site that is easier and quicker to use. Keep it simple and as plain as possible without being boring. Not only will your customers value this ease but so will the search engines who rank sites higher when they easily load and are efficient.

The usability of the web design is also another factor that should be a priority of your website designer. You want to keep the process of gathering information and purchasing very easy and uncomplicated. There is no need to have an overload of links to pages, if possible try to limit the buying process to only one link or one click.

The statistics are 65% of buyers leave the site after two links to a product. Convenience is key if you want your site to be up to scratch.


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