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Making Your Website Work

Designers, like me, constantly struggle with the task of creating successful content pages. For example, the‘s designers need their users to understand all the options for donations. When the world faces a major disaster like the South Asia tsunami, the designers want users to realize the flexibility they have to help.

A simple usability testing technique can help design teams quickly measure how a content page performs with users. I call it the 5-Second Test.

As the name suggests, the 5-Second Test involves showing users a single content page for a quick 5 seconds to gather their initial impressions. Five seconds may not seem like a lot of time, but users make important judgments in the first moments they visit a page. This technique unveils how those judgments turn out, giving the team insight into some essential information about the page. Using this technique, I’ve found the information I’ve gathered essential for making huge improvements to our clients’ sites.

How do I get a five second test?

I have spoken to a contact, Steve Miler on the new social media platform BLAB. He has designed an application to analyze any web site to pass the crucial tests that affect performance…

  • The Five Second Test — for optimizing bounce rates
  • The Call to Action Test — for optimizing engagement
  • The Welcoming Test — for optimizing enthusiasm

So far, this test has not been made available to the masses or even online, but it is now! With a ready-made audience of reviewers to your site, testing it effectiveness, this gives you results in minutes.

First impressions count! The first 2 tests also include a score of how visitors feel about the quality of your business, product, or service is when they see your website.

This helps me (as a web developer and designer) to accurately plan your site fit for your business allowing your visitors to determine what your services are.

For now – here is the application 

Contact me now for any further updates or discuss a 5 second test for your site – no obligations.

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