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Making Your Website Work

Usually, I know the answer to this question when clients contact me or are referred to my company. Either their web presence is old enough to belong on the arc of the early .com bubble or they have ventured to one of the free website builders professing to be ‘google ready’ or optimised (SEO) with little or no scope to grow or make more interactive with todays more recents digital tools and applications.

Before deciding if your website is working you need to ask yourself some questions. The most important question is why do you have a website? The two most common types of websites are informational websites and online stores. What is the purpose of your website?

Before I invite you to take my short SURVEY, please read below for a little insight into what your website is for and how to check if it’s working for your business or visitors.

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Informational websites

These are used to give out information and can have many purposes. Non-profit organizations may have a website that can be used to just give information and have no source of profit out of it. The goal of informational websites will vary depending on the owner/business.

On the other hand, businesses can also have informational websites that do not actually sell anything but use their website simply as a marketing source. A local business may have a website to give information to its customers about what they do and even list any in-store specials.

Online stores

These are used in many different situations and for many different businesses. Online stores can be used for companies that just want to sell online and not have a store front. These companies typically start out online without ever having a store front. There are many reasons why businesses find it better to have a website than have a brick and mortar store. Businesses that have a storefront may realise the advantages of selling online and move over to just selling online.

Online stores can also be used in addition to having a brick and mortar store. Businesses may be successful having a physical store, but are looking to make even more money. Since people all over the world shop online, local businesses that sell online can tap into a larger market.

The best way to tell if your website is working for you

Review your site analytics. Most websites come with an analytic program, but if your website does not there are various free analytic programs available. The most common free analytic program is called Google Analytics. If you sell products and sales are not what you expected, then a review of your website and marketing (on and offline) should be reviewed. If traffic to the site is good but sales are not, it’s a sign of your online shop window not working, content on your site or lack of trust from the consumer about your business. An outdated website, badly organised content (hard to find) or the visitor not sure what your site is about and branding issues can all contribute to your online presence failing.

Content, Content, Content

One of the most important parts of a website is its content. Regardless if you have an informational website or an online store, information is pertinent. Properly designed search engine optimised websites contain mass amounts of information. Having an online store is great, but you need relevant information on the website to help with ranking your website high. Search engines like to see websites with a code to content ratio in favor of content.

What can I do, who can I call?

If your website has many issues and is not working for you it may be necessary to start from scratch and get a whole new website. The initial cost of a website need not be too pricey, in the long run if built to suit your business needs it will pay off.

If your informational website or online store is not working for you, OneDigitalMediaUK will be happy to offer a no cost, no obligation independent to review it and help find the proper solutions to fit your business.

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Kelvin Brown MCIW™ – Technical Director – OneDigitalMediaUK