Is Your Website Truly Engaging It’s Customers?

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Your only shop window is really on display with the closed sign in full view. A potential customer will go else where.


Do you have a business website that is not truly engaging with it’s potential customers?


Do you use the phone?

What if you could…..

  1. Instantly know when a visitor is on your website.
  2. Engage and chat to them live without using the phone
  3. Find out exactly where they have been on your website
  4. Capture their contact details for marketing purposes
  5. Auto respond to customers when you’re busy, not working or asleep
  6. Live analyses of your customers activity on your website, individual, daily, weekly and monthly even annually.
  7. Autopost your blog to all social media sites with one click publishing

If you don’t have any of these facilities and your web site is static and doing little to get you new business, then you’re losing business x10

Your only shop window is really on display with the closed sign in full view. A potential customer will go else where.


Gone are the days of a great looking but static website. Gone are the days when Google will tell you how to rank high in their search engine, any SEO expert will back me up on that. Gone are the days of just relying on local ads and word of mouth with fingers crossed.

Have you ever been on a site, say Debenhams, o2, virgin or any of the large utility sites and rather than fill out a form to send it to the abyss known as the ‘back hole’ of email communication, you used a Live Chat application?


Are you looking to catapult your business to the next level in a cost effective way? Are you ready to compete and beat the bigger companies who already have this capability but have to spend thousands of pounds to utilise it?


Well, now you can! I have just installed ‘Live Chat‘ for my website and I’m already engaging with my potential clients. Who would’ve thought I’d be chatting to someone in France then Newbury UK before writing this post!


A business now can be taken anywhere. Smartphone and tablet technology has enabled a pocket communication business facility. As I write this post on my tablet, I am waiting for my son to finish football practice and utilising free wifi. If I didn’t have that I would be tethering (connecting) my phone to it utilising 3 or 4G.

So, what if I told you Live Chat works too for all your customers using tablets and mobiles, what would you say?

Ok, I hear you say, what does it cost?

Well, today you can access and install it for a free 7 day trial of Live Chat without any credit / debit card submission. It’s easy to install and we’ll even offer to help you install it at no cost too. What more could you ask! All we ask you to do is try it, engage with your potential customers and leads. If you like it then with a small monthly fee, it’s yours!


It’s packed full of other features too e.g. an email auto responder and you can create multi accounts for your team all under the same one monthly fee after the trial period.

Check here for a little more info and short video on how it works and the link to your 7 day trial


KelvinTechnical Director – OnedigitalMediaUK