Learn when to say NO

Say no

saying “No” without feeling guilty

If you face an unrealistic workload or some other persistent problem in your workspace, discuss your situation with your employer. Whenever possible, offer solutions that meet both your needs and those of your business or employer. Reassure to your priorities (work, family or loved ones) of your commitment to your work and explain what you are willing to do; but be clear and firm what you are not able to do.

Use foresight and be realistic. If you want to work less, you may have to accepts less compensation. Anticipate risks such as threat of job loss and be prepare to respond.

Keeping to the commitments that you have made might give you leverage to ask yourself how you were affected by stress or burnout in the first place, that space to reevaluate your life.


Dr. Oz Show to give simple tips on saying “No” without feeling guilty.




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