5 Reasons Your Awesome Facebook Posts Aren’t Going Viral

“Why aren’t my posts going viral?”

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question.

Getting people to share your content ain’t easy!

Plus, Facebook reach is down and it’s hard enough getting people to even see your posts.

In this article, I’ve learnt and will point out 5 reasons why yours and my awesome Facebook posts aren’t going viral and I want to share it.


1. They Lack Emotion

Your content simply lacks emotion — it doesn’t feel like it has any soul.

My 16-year-old nephew plays his guitar with more soul than your content has.

What to Do

Personalize your posts. Behind-the-scenes stories or even a selfie or two are easy adds to your content mix.

These posts humanize your company, which helps set you apart from the competition.


2. Not Share Worthy

Yawwwn… your content is so boring!

It puts me to sleep!

And that’s probably why nobody shares your posts.

Maybe you just don’t know what to post or how to find cool stuff to post on Facebook.

What to Do

Use a Viral Photo Tool to find popular photos on Facebook that you can post on your page.


3. Bad Timing

The best time to post on Facebook is ______ (fill in the blank).

This question is impossible to answer without tracking results.

What to Do

Monitor the analytics on your Facebook page.

Look for what works in terms of REACH & ENGAGEMENT and constantly EXPERIMENT!


4. You Don’t Share Your Own Content

Sometimes when a post goes viral — it wasn’t by chance.

A gentle nudge from you can often work wonders.

For those who don’t want to pay for Facebook ads, sharing your page content on your personal profile is one of the next best things.

What to Do

Share on your personal social media accounts and ask co-workers to share your posts with their friends.


5. Your Topics Aren’t Interesting

Your fans might not be interested in the topics you post about.

What to Do

Here are 3 easy fixes:

1. Create content about viral topics

Here are 10 of the most popular social media topics as determined by Klout:

Top-10-List for facebook

2. Use Viral Photo Tool to find pages similar to yours

Add the pages & watch for what goes viral.

3. Research

Look for what pages your fans Like by visiting their profiles. This will give you an idea of their interests.


Pretty easy, huh?

I kept the 5 tips simple so you can start using them today.

Make sure to let me know what works best for you.


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