Paying a Comparison Site to Promote my Business?

Promotion of your busines

I’ve recently been approached by phone and email from companies and organisations trying to sell to me how I can boost my company business by signing up to their comparison, top ranking or ‘top businesses’ portal.

My Experience

I have to say I’ve not been impressed with many aspects of their approach, product and above all the cost of it. The price ranges from £20 / month for a less well known site for web developers and £800/ month for another for all sorts of digital and techy businesses.

I’ve managed to attract many of my clients from referrals and a bit of self marketing online, business cards when networking and simply talking to businesses locally and afar.


I’ve carried out some investigations into these comparison and promotion site and have come across the following so you can make an informed decision before you are tempted to use them.

What I found

The City watchdog is to investigate price comparison websites amid fears that customers are directed to poor-value companies and products.

Millions of households who have used price comparison websites to try to save money on everyday items like car and home insurance may have been misled, the City watchdog will warn, as it continues its assault on rogue practices.

The Financial Conduct Authority is understood to be suspicious of commission-driven deals under which customers are pushed towards specific companies, organisations, policies and products.

It is also concerned that the ownership of the websites, a few of which are run purely for money making reasons, might not really rank how deals are promoted and simply list you as a A-Z list.

The Figures

More than 20 million people are believed to have used price comparison websites to hunt for product deals. The sites sort products by price and type and point customers towards the cheapest deal.

The focus on price may have led households to purchase inappropriate products, services and policies, the authority say. The cheapest items can be riddled with exclusions, rendering even basic prices invalid.

Websites such as and have rapidly become household names, thanks largely to mass television advertising.

Nearly half of all internet users have visited a comparison website in search of car insurance, with 80pc completing a purchase.

Typically, the websites receive money from companies (like mine) for offering their products.

For instance, I might pay a “click-through” fee for each customer who goes on to purchase a any of my services or products on top of a monthly fee.

Are they any good?

Well, for some companies sure, for mine, I think not for now. The budget is too high and I’m sceptical on how effective a promotion-comparison or ranking site would be for my business.

Would you consider promoting your business and services on any of these sites?

Comparison site for my business (these companies approached me)

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