Why and What is a Responsive Web Design?

I’ve had many questions when prospective clients to my business when offering my ‘EcoSystem’ (see my last post) along with web development about a ‘Responsive web design’ and what it is and why should they consider it.

It’s no secret that more and more people are accessing the internet using their mobile devices in addition to or in place of desktop computers.

But what they’re doing on those mobile devices is even more compelling for marketers like me.

As a result, companies who have responsive websites generate more leads and maintain a widening competitive advantage over companies that don’t.

But what exactly is responsive website design, how does it work, and should you make the switch? This infographic from me sets out to answer those questions, offer some compelling statistics, and teach you the key features of responsive design all marketers should know about. Check it out.

Responsive web design infographic

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