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Thanks for the assist Kelvin, without you, our previous web hosts, Mr Site, would have been able to hold us to ransom for outrageous charges, just to release a web address that we already own. Now we can hope to be up and running in a matter of days. I would definitely recommend "one digital media" to anyone looking for a web designer. www.homeimages.co.uk 

Steve Lewitt

"OneDigitalMedia UK -  The Bluefoxhr.com website is a tribute to Kelvin's persistence and vision - he showed us what could be done and has helped us set up what we wanted. His attention to detail plus after-sales support has been exactly what we both wanted and needed."April 16, 2015 

email: steve@bluefoxhr.co.uk

Nigel Deller

"OneDigitalMedia UK have been invaluable to us, professionally developing and providing training for use of our website.

It was good to have an experienced, approachable and knowledgeable personal touch to help guide and support us. We have a website that is great for us to use.

The service has extended to advising us about on how best to continue to develop with new facilities. A creative service"January 19 2015

email: nigel@bluefoxhr.co.uk