The future of SEO

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Search Engine Optimisation for your online presence e.g. website or advertisements and social media.


Over the past few years Google has become increasingly effective at targeting what it considers to be low quality sites, reducing their prominence in the search results and leading many to espouse the mantra that “SEO is dead”.

In truth, the idea that “SEO is dead” has been resurfacing every few years for over a decade and highlights nothing more than a rapidly evolving nature of search marketing as a whole.

Go back a couple of years and rankings fundamentally came down to two things – the total quality of links from external websites and on-page relevance, derived from incorporating the desired target keywords. Thankfully this is no longer the case, with websites that attempt to manipulate search results being actively penalised and those adding value to the internet rewarded.

The importance of content

Now success is predicted on pursuing a content-centric approach. Only through content can webmasters ensure that their websites send the correct on and off site quality signals and avoid any form of penalisation.

The move to conversational search

Yet changes have not purely focused on aspects of quality. More recently, Google has is addressing changes in the way users are performing searches. With mobile queries set to surpass those from desktops before 2015. it is crucial that search engines are capable of better understanding user intent, particularly in longer,conversational queries. For designers like me this is particularly important, providing a clear indication that Google may soon favour mobile users over those using desktop devices.


Google has laid down the gauntlet to web marketers through the introduction of its recent updates, stating an unequivocal commitment to its ultimate goal – “making the web a better place”. Websites that conform to this goal while complying with Google’s best practices should expect to reap the benefits over years to come.

When designing a new website SEO is usually an after thought. Usually overlooked completely or seen as an obstacle in the way of producing a good-looking site design.

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