The secrets of successful SEO

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Long gone are the days when keywords were king. SEO is now a far more complex animal and the kings of search, Google don’t like to give away too many of their SEO secrets.

However, there is no point building a website if no-one is going to see it and organic search, and more specifically Google, are crucial to a site being found.

So, what are the latest and greatest techniques to getting on the front page of Google?

Content, design, optimisation, PPC (pay per click) and analytics are all part of the process but not at all limited to this. I will try to cover them more in my next news item so look out for them!

As I said in my last post, browsing the web on mobile is set to overtake desktop by the end of the year.

As a web developer for a government agency, I used web analytics for their corporate sites e.g. National Career Service, National Apprenticeship, it was a integral part of my job as a developer. Before I left the agency this year, I could consistently see that mobile browsing and search had already overtaken desktops in early 2014.

So, designing for mobile is more important than ever. There are a few rules for mobile perfection, it’s how size and speed really do matter in the world of small. I will cover these again in another news item.

As a web designer and developer I know code should be as good as it can be. But there is a host of other points to consider to optimise a site.

Text and images are no longer enough for readers to feel engaged in your business online

What I will cover in my next news Item

  1. What does Google consider to be good content
  2. Tips for producing content that Google loves
  3. 10 mistakes to avoid building or setting up your website



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