To be free or not to be free?

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Do you have a free website and it’s just not working for you.


To be free or not to be free, that is my question.

Perhaps life is just ok for you right now and your site and marketing is just what you want and that’s justĀ fine.

Perhaps you want to get really started with you online business but are a little hesitant because you have a free website and it’s just not working for you.

If that’s you then all you need to do is call me.

I’m not going to sell to you, we don’t work like that at OnedigitalmediaUK.

We’ll just go through with you what you are looking for and help you find the right solution for YOU.

in the mean time, I am pleased to announce the launch of two website that I have personally work with the clients to produce.



It’s an ongoing relationship I have with my clients, as my business grows, so do my clients sites. We don’t just hand over a web site and say ‘there you go, that’s it!’ I like to help them grow with their businesses. A website is not just for Christmas, you have to let it grow, nurture it, clean it every now and then and insure it against becoming not cared for.

To bring your website into the 21 century, give me a call.

Kelvin – Technical Director – OneDigitalMediaUK