Two Simple, Yet Powerful Words

Thank You

We say them all the time. We expect them almost as often. They change dynamics, open doors, close deals, and solidify all sorts of relationships.

“Thank you”

Two of the most powerful words in the English language. They acknowledge gratitude, appreciation, closure, completion, and/or compliance.

Gratitude plays a major role in my daily life today, although I can admit that for many years I was clearly too egocentric, immature, or ignorant (if not all of these) to realise how important it is to express gratitude and make it a key element to living a happier life.

My favourite UK holiday has always been Easter. At first it was because, as a kid, it was that one day when everyone (and I mean everyone) in the family would come from wherever they were to spend it together as a family. We would eat, celebrate the beginning of the holidays, and catch up on what was going on with everyone.

Later, as I started enjoying cooking, it became mostly about the amazingly delicious food associated with the day. But in the last decade it has acquired new significance for me; it’s no longer about saying a few words of gratitude for the food I will share but about the realisation of how abundant my life is.

First and foremost I am grateful for doing something I am deeply passionate about. I am blessed with loving what I do for a living. For many years I tried and tried, to no avail, to succeed and find inner satisfaction in many areas of web development or management fields.

Regardless of how hard I worked, how many hours I put in, how much effort I would invest in being my best, my best was only mediocre – if that much. I was one of those individuals who would constantly be updating his CV in hopes of finding and landing a better next job. Only now is it crystal clear to me that this was a sign of not only unhappiness but of major misalignment of only my job and talent but life in general. For the eleven years I worked for the Skill Funding Agency here in England, not once did I think of updating that CV to go look elsewhere until this year.

Now I work from anywhere I like, home, office or up to the English Lake District to visit my family and relations. All I need is a laptop and a WiFi connection to work on my web development and my online marketing business.

So, “Thank You”  for reading my posts and I would appreciate hearing from you. Let me know if you ever have any questions. I really do like to hear from my followers, what they do, how their day has been and how can I help and learn from them too.


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