What is most important to you?

Evaluate your priorities

Evaluate your Priorities

Many people would likely put family relationships and good health near the top of their list. These are the things that are likely to suffer if you are burned out.

By clarifying your priorities, you prepare yourself to make difficult decisions and accept trade-offs. For example, you may see that your work is leading to burnout. Yet you may reason, ‘I cannot change jobs or less work; I need the income!’ True everyone need an income, but how much and at what cost to the things you value most?

Beware of the pressures to adopt the priorities of others around you as your own. Your employer’s priorities and yours are likely different. Others may choose to put work first in their life, but this does not mean you must do the same.

We all have a choice (easier said than done) but here’s Tony Robbins who talks you through a solution to stress or burnout.

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