WordPress 4.0: A new big number?

Is the next big fix set to impress, or will it disappoint?

The arrival of WordPress 4.0 should bring with it ground-breaking headline-grabbing features that everyone wants to know about. A new ‘big number’ version of the popular web publishing web platform brings with it a weight of expectation.

before you whizz round with excitement dreaming of a full blown feature-laden upgrade, the first impression of it seams to be an incremental upgrade not too dissimilar to the current versions 3.9 and not as exiting as first thought.

WordPress users will have an opinion of what the new version should include. Some will be happy, some will be disappointed and some will simply won’t care. I have to say I am expecting more, but what do you add to an extensive CMS (content management system) that nearly has it all?

There is definitely room for minor upgrades and this is exactly what WordPress 4.0 has introduced.

So what are users going to get?

There are a few additions that have woken my interest.

  1. Previews of embedding via URLs sounds interesting. Users will be able to embed elements, eg videos by simply adding the URL in the visual editor. Hardly groundbreaking but useful, especially for those who don’t like working in the text editor – WordPress is not just for web editors remember!
  2. The media library now has a grid view in version 4.0 making it easier to view images.
  3. Customizer Improvements. These look to give users more customisation tools and move away from just the theme customiser that has graced previous versions.

For a more in-depth look at the new customizer if you are all webby of dabble in a bit of customisation visit – Customizer in WordPress 4.0

I will finish with the question, will you be making the upgrade? Or can you wait for version 4.1?

I’m sure I can live without the new media library for now but I think I will upgrade and let you know how it goes.

Kelvin x

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