What’s the worst career advice you’ve ever been given?





There was a conversation I visited last year,  I had an after event chat to the organisers and speakers at the Milton Keynes geek Night – Digital Strategy event and as a group of interesting and successful creative people, I thought I’d ask them the same question I asked my career adviser back in 1992.

Here’s their response.


“You’re unemployable. Find a different career”.



I still recall this advice as if it were yesterday. It was 1992, I had just graduated with an MA from Manchester – Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) and I was visiting a number of studios in Manchester and London with my portfolio. The CEO of a well-established music studio, told me: “You’re unemployable, find a different career.”

He felt my work was, as he put it, “Too individual and much too different to what is ‘normally’ produced in music and production.”

I looked on his suggestion – that I pursue a different career path – as a challenge. I wanted to prove him wrong. I, thankfully, stuck with my career in music and, unlike the CEO in question, found my work  (precisely because it was different) featured in a Creative Review in 1993-4, a publication at the time.

To be brief, I enjoyed a creative and successful music career for 5 years as a musician and song writer until it was time to stop and peruse and try another challenge.

I was once told…..

“You are never too old, too late or under qualified to try something new. Only you have the power to try, persevere and pick yourself up and get on with it”!

Sound advice that I have sometimes forgotten but recently found again.

Thanks Mum, god rest your soul.

As a coach and Dad for my children in music and general mind well-being, I tell my children, followers and subscribers this story, encouraging them to stick to their own path, trust their judgement, and believe in what they do. The world has enough conformists; they’ll do just fine if they stick to their guns.

DO you have any stories of views when you where advised with your life or career path?

I’d like to know.


Kelvin x

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